Chris Louis Henry du Preez Jr., Bestselling Author

Chris Louis Henry du Preez Jr. Media Head Shot 1Chris Louis Henry du Preez Jr. is the South African born bestselling author of the book It Is Time. He recently finished a second BA program at the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) Seminary, which is a study group of Global School of Theology.

His calling is to full time ministry, leading others to Christ by preaching, and by teaching the Word of God.

He is currently working on his Masters of Arts degree in Biblical Theology at Global School of Theology Western Cape.

Not yet an ordained minister, he has plenty of experience in Christian service. Chris has also been involved in a couple of ministries at his congregation, AFM Noordheuwel; a children’s ministry through Junior Youth, the Fruit of the Spirit Junior Youth Camp, and a teen ministry.

Mr. Du Preez is also actively involved with multimedia at his church and frequently accompanies his pastor on hospital visits from time to time.

Recently Chris began an internship whereby he will officially be ordained as a pastor by the end of 2016.

Chris has been featured in ABC, NBC, FOX News, CBS, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald and other major media outlets.

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